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Santander supports initiatives to promote entrepreneurial culture and transfer of skills from University to Business.

Since 2011, Santander has held a yearly competition called the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards. The awards are aimed at giving a financial boost to business ventures in their early life stages. We have rewarded student and graduate entrepreneurs by offering cash prizes, mentoring and start-up support. Since the competition’s launch, we've given away more than £260,000 to start-ups and small businesses.

We will launch the 2017 edition in the first months of 2017 so keep an eye on this page for more information.

The Awards are not the only way in which Santander supports entrepreneurs. We also fund individual university competitions and many of these winners have now launched their business ventures into the market.

Some of our previous winners are now successful business men and women. You can see some examples below:

Attollo Lingerie


“Attollo Lingerie is a D+ lingerie brand, designed by D+, for D+ women to solve the problem of lacklustre, utilitarian and boring D+ lingerie that was previously available, by making beautiful, uplifting and stylish lingerie in sizes 28-34 D-GG. Taking part in the awards helped give us credibility at an early stage, which boosted suppliers, investors and retailers confidence in our ability as business women and also the sustainability of our business. “

Find out more at

Oppo ice cream


Oppo and Santander got first linked when Charlie Thuillier, a Social Policy graduate at the University of York, was awarded the top £2,000 prize for his idea of a healthy ice-cream, dairy and sugar free made from natural ingredients. The money allowed brothers Charlie and Harry to continue with their business venture.

Today Oppo is on the shelves of Waitrose and Holland and Barrett among other large retailers and even tennis champion Andy Murray has invested in the business.

The company continues to go from strength to strength and they have recently hired a new member of the team through the Santander Universities Internship programme.

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