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1|2|3 Student Current Account

With a free 16-25 Railcard saving you 1/3 on rail travel for 4 years, a £1,500 overdraft, and interest when you're in credit, our Student Current Account is hard to beat.

Our 1|2|3 Student Current Account offers a free Santander 16-25 Railcard, interest on your balance and an interest-free and fee-free Arranged Overdraft.

As long as £500 goes into your account each academic term and you register for Online Banking you'll get the following:

  • A free 4-year Santander 16-25 Railcard which could save you 1/3 off rail travel in Great Britain

  • An interest-free and fee-free Arranged Overdraft, up to £1,500 in years 1-3, then up to £2,000 if you stay on to year 5 (overdrafts are subject to status).

  • 3% AER / 2.96% (variable) on balance from £300 up to a maximum of £2,000

  • A Visa Debit card for making purchases and accessing your money at cash machines.

Representative example
0% EAR (variable) Arranged Overdraft. No Arranged Overdraft Usage Fees apply. Assumed Arranged Overdraft credit limit £1,200. Actual amount may differ.


If you already hold a Santander current account or would like to switch your account from another provider, please visit your local Santander branch.


Please read the full product details and terms & conditions before applying. Other
accounts are available; see our current account range to find out more.


1|2|3 Student Current Account features

Get a free 4-year Santander 16-25 Railcard which could save you 1/3 off rail travel in Great Britain.



Interest Account balance

1.00% AER gross (variable)

2.00% AER/1.98% gross (variable) £200+
3.00% AER/2.96% gross (variable) From £300 to £2,000

Interest is paid monthly on the first £2,000 of your entire balance once you have at least £100 in your account.

Interest-free and fee-free Arranged Overdraft  

Year of study Arranged Overdraft limit
1, 2 and 3 £1,500
4 £1,800
5 £2,000

When you open your account you'll get an Arranged Overdraft limit of £250 once you have provided proof that you are a student. To increase this to £1,500 you need to pay in £500 and continue to pay in at least £500 per academic term.  

Representative example
0% EAR (variable) Arranged Overdraft. No Arranged Overdraft Usage Fees apply. Assumed Arranged Overdraft credit limit £1,200. Actual amount may differ.


How it works

  • Open the account and register for Online Banking

  • Pay in at least £500 per academic term

  • Pay in £500 to increase the overdraft limit from £250 to £1,500

  • Receive a unique code through your Online Banking to get your free Santander 16-25 Railcard

  • There is a limit of one 1|2|3 Student Current Account per person

What you can get

  • Visa debit card - a quick and secure method of buying goods and services at home and abroad.

  • Arranged Overdraft - fee free.

  • Chequebook

These are subject to status

You can use this account to

  • Set up Direct Debits and standing orders

  • Pay bills

  • Transfer money online including Faster Payments

Fees you pay if your account is Unarranged overdrawn

Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee £5 per day (capped at 10 days in each monthly statement period)
Paid Transaction Fees £5 per transaction
Unpaid Transaction Fees £10 per transaction

There are other charges applicable with this account, such as when you use your card abroad. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details.

Switching your existing Current Account to the 1|2|3 Student Current Account
You can apply for a new 1|2|3 Student Current Account online, but if you'd like to switch an existing account from another provider to Santander please visit your local Santander branch.

Switch your current account in just 7 working days
We are members of the Current Account Switch Service. This means your switch will be completed in 7 working days and backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

The switch can begin on the day your account is opened or on a date any time in the next 60 days. We'll ask you to choose when you apply.

All taken care of
Our dedicated switcher team manage the switch of all your Direct Debits, standing orders and your salary. We'll close your old current account and make sure any payments to and from your old account are redirected to your new account for 36 months.

Our switcher service is rated 5 Star by Defaqto, an independent financial research company, so you can be confident your current account switch is in the best hands. 

How to switch
To switch your account into our Student Current account you will need to apply at your local branch.

During your application for a new current account you'll be asked if you have a current account with another provider and, if you do, you can choose to switch it. We'll then ask for your old bank account details so we can contact your old bank to get things moving.

Before applying please make sure you have:

  • your old account sort code and account number

  • your existing debit card number and expiry date. If you are switching a joint account to us, we'll need the debit card details for all applicants.

It's important that the details you provide are the same as the ones held at your old bank, so if you need to update names or addresses for example on your old account, it's best to do this before you start your switch.

If you have a joint account with your old bank and your new Santander account is a single account, we wont be able to complete your switch.

See how easy it is to switch to Santander.

You choose how you bank with us.

Online Banking
Secure, 24/7 banking. Make payments, view statements and much more.

Mobile Banking
Bank from anywhere using our apps or by using
Text me the app

Telephone Banking
24/7 banking by phone. Speak to us during the day and in the evenings or use our automated service any time of day. Call us on 08459 724 724.

Branch – visit one of our branches nationwide. Find your nearest branch.

Make mobile to mobile payments
Use Paym, the new mobile to mobile service, to send and receive payments quickly and securely using just a mobile number.

Cash machines
You can do more than just withdraw cash at our cash machines. For example, pay money or cheques in, pay bills and lots more.

Free text and email alerts
You don’t have to wait for your statement to arrive or to log on to find out something has happened on your account anymore. By setting up the alerts you want in Online Banking we can send you a text or email when it happens - such as when your balance goes above or below a certain amount.

Mobile to mobile payments
With Paym you can send and receive payments quickly and securely using just a mobile number.

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With the Santander 16-25 Railcard you save 1/3 off rail travel in Great Britain.

How to get a 16-25 Railcard

  • Open a new 1|2|3 Santander Student Current Account

  • Register for Online Banking

  • Pay in at least £500 per academic term (for example from your income, student loan or grant)

  • A unique code will be sent via secure message to your Online Banking within 5 working days of account opening

How to order your 16-25 Railcard

  • Log on to Online Banking 

  • Get the code from your Online Banking

  • Visit

  • Your unique code is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and cannot be re-issued once expired.

  • You'll receive your 16-25 Railcard within 5 working days of completing your order.

It's more than just cheap rail travel

With a 16-25 Railcard you'll get exclusives deals on holidays, eating out, top attractions and many more deals.

Santander 16-25 Railcard important information

  • Before you use your 16-25 Railcard, please read the Santander 16-25 Railcard Terms and Conditions.

  • One Railcard per 1|2|3 Student Current Account.

  • There is no cash alternative to the Railcard and it is not transferable to any other person.

  • The unique Railcard code must only be redeemed by the Santander 1|2|3 Student Current Account holder.

  • The Railcard will be issued and maintained by the Association of Train Operating Companies.

  • The Railcard can only be used in mainland Great Britain; that is England, Scotland and Wales. It can't be used on train services in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

  • Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes unless you have given us your permission to do so, but will be used to send service messages to you.

Everything you need to know before you apply

We recommend reading the information in the documents below before you apply. You may like to save or print them so you can refer to them in the future.

To view these documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader.

Before applying please remember to read the full details and terms & conditions.

You can apply for a new 1|2|3 Student Current Account online if you:

  • are aged 18 or over

  • live in the UK for tax purposes

  • don't have a Santander current account

  • are in or about to begin your first year of an undergraduate course that is at least 2 years in length

Alternatively or if you want to switch

  • Call us on 0800 068 6069. Lines are open 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on Saturday.

  • Go into your local branch: Find your nearest branch

You'll need to bring proof of your name and address - see a list of acceptable identification.

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