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Start accepting card payments

Our aim is to help UK Businesses prosper which is why we have teamed up with two specialist companies, Elavon and iZettle, to provide a range of card acceptance terminals and services, which could be suitable for most of our small and medium sized business customers.

Payments online, in person or over the phone

Santander - Elavon card acceptance terminals

Elavon are committed to ensuring their transaction infrastructure is secure, reliable and always available for you and your customers, with more than 1 million businesses globally choosing them to be their payments provider (source: July 2015).

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Payments using your mobile phone

Santander - iZettle mobile card acceptance terminal

iZettle is an innovative card acceptance business that provide business customers with a straight forward solution for taking card payments without the need for a long term contract.

If you have wifi access or at least 3G mobile coverage, iZettle's card reader works with your mobile device to process card payments on the go.

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