Apple Pay

Pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using Apple Pay

You can now use Apple Pay by linking your Santander debit or credit card to your Apple device. This will allow you to make payments easily and securely at any contactless terminal and in-app with certain merchants.

What do I need to start using Apple Pay?
You will need one of the following devices running on iOS 8.3 or above:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus (or later)

  • Apple Watch paired with iPhone 5 (or later)

  • iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro (or later)

  • Any Santander debit or credit card excluding ATM only cash cards, Visa Top-up Debit Card and Business Visa Electron

When you've registered a card to Apple Pay, simply hold your Apple device against the contactless terminal to make a purchase and verify the transaction with your fingerprint using Touch ID or by double tapping the side button on your Apple Watch.

  • Convenient - no more getting cards out of your wallet or purse, or using your PIN

  • Easy - Apple Pay is accepted at any contactless terminal in the UK.

  • Secure - no card details are shared with either the retailer or Apple, giving an extra layer of security when making a purchase.

Pay wherever you see the contactless or Apple Pay payment buttons. Some retailers may limit the purchase amount to £30.

The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 can also be used for Apple Pay within apps only, where you see the "Buy with Apple Pay" or Apple Pay payment buttons.

You can set up Apple Pay in the Wallet app on your device if it's running on iOS 9. If you are on an older iOS version, this can be done through the Passbook App.

What do I need to start using Apple Pay and where can I use it?

Device In Store In Apps
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus (or later)  Yes  Yes
iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro (or later)  No  Yes
Apple Watch paired with iPhone 5 (or later)  Yes  No

All devices must be running on iOS 8.3 or above and can be used with any Santander debit or credit card excluding ATM only cash cards, Visa Top-up Debit Card and Business Visa Electron.

Apple Pay at contactless terminals

Using your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at any contactless terminals with Apple Pay is quick and secure.

Most Santander debit and credit cards can be registered and what’s more, they don’t even need to be a contactless card to use Apple Pay.

Add up to eight debit and credit cards

You can add up to 8 cards to Apple Pay, so if you have more than one Santander card you can store it within your Wallet app, and change the default card whenever you want.
To see your card/s and last 10 transactions on an iPhone:

  • open Wallet

  • select the card you'd like to see

  • tap 'i'

If you've added more than one card, the default card for payments will be the one you added first. You can change this at any time by clicking the 'Wallet and Apple Pay' option within 'Settings'.  

For iPad you can view and manage your cards in Apple Pay by going to 'Settings' and choosing 'Wallet and Apple Pay'.

Which Santander cards can be used with Apple Pay?

All Santander debit and credit cards can be used with Apple Pay apart from ATM only cash cards, Visa Top-up Debit Card and Business Visa Electron.

If you have any questions about using Apple Pay you can check our FAQs or call our dedicated number on 0800 068 6698.

Lines are open Monday to Saturday 7am - 11pm, and 9am - 9pm on Sundays.
For business banking queries, lines are open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 9pm, and 8am - 2pm on Saturdays.
See our full Apple Pay Terms and Conditions.

See our Apple Pay privacy policy.

Adding your Santander cards to your iPhone for Apple Pay is quick and easy

Learn more with our Apple Pay video

Add a card

    • Open the Wallet app and choose 'Set up Apple Pay'

    • Tap ‘add a new debit or credit card’

    • Add your Santander card information by:

      • Taking a picture of your card using the camera

      • Adding the details manually, or

      • Using the card you have registered for iTunes by entering the security code.

    • For an Apple Watch or iPad simply tap ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ either when you’ve opened your Apple Watch app on your iPhone or in settings for the iPad. Then tap ‘Add a new Credit or Debit card’ and add your card using the instructions above.

  1. Verify
    • We’ll send you a code to enter into your phone or device

    • As soon as you’ve entered the code you’re ready to use Apple Pay.

  2. Pay

    • To pay simply hold your iPhone near the contactless terminal and verify using Touch ID. To pay with an Apple Watch, hold it near the contactless terminal and simply double tap the side button.

    • Apple Pay is accepted wherever you see the contactless symbol. Some retailers may limit the purchase amount to £30.

    • If you're in a rush, to make paying even quicker you can open Wallet and use the touch ID to pre authorise the transaction.  Apple Pay will then be ready on your phone and all you need to do is hold your phone against the contactless reader – no need for touch ID.


Your accounts are safe if you lose your phone
If you lose your phone there’s no need to cancel your physical debit or credit card/s as the details aren’t stored in the Apple Pay phone or device. However you must either cancel your digital cards using find my iPhone or call us to do this on your behalf on 0800 068 6698
Furthermore, Apple lets you log on through cloud technology (log into iCloud using your iTunes password) to either turn on ‘lost mode’ or erase your device. This means that any card/s linked to the device are suspended in Apple Pay. For information on how to secure the device should it be lost or stolen you should visit the Apple website

Even though no account details are stored, you should avoid sharing the device you bank on. If someone else has access to it, then you should clear the browsing data, cache and cookies. Also, it is good practice to password protect your device and not store security codes or passwords on it.

Your security is our priority
We understand that new ways to pay may raise questions. Both Santander and Apple have worked to make sure that you have as much security as possible when you use Apple Pay.

  • Your card data isn’t transferred to Apple or the retailer when you pay using Apple Pay because it’s encrypted.

  • Any transaction you make with your phone is authorised by either your fingerprint using the Touch ID technology, or with your passcode.

  • Similarly to when you pay with contactless on your debit or credit card, the sales terminal can only detect your payment by phone if you hold the phone close to the terminal and authorise it.

Your phone’s passcode and/ or Touch ID must be turned on for Apple Pay to work. And if you turn them off after you’ve added cards, Apple Pay will stop working. Please be aware that any registered fingerprints present on your device’s Touch ID are able to authorise payments on any of the registered cards.

Keeping yourself secure
You can help to keep yourself secure by:

  • Telling us if you receive text messages or emails you aren’t expecting following your registration for Apple Pay.

  • Keeping your device passcode secure and not allowing anyone else to add their fingerprints to your touch ID.

  • If anyone knows your phone PIN you should change it immediately.

  • Making sure your contact details are up to date at all times so we can get in touch with you quickly should we need to.

For more information on online security in general, you can visit our Security Centre

For lost & stolen cards, please call us on 0800 9 123 123.  Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Spendlytics - a new way to track your spend
To help you keep tabs on your spending we’ve developed Spendlytics, a free new mobile app for personal banking customers.

Spendlytics is available to Santander debit and credit card customers using an Apple device running iOS 8.0 or above , whether you use Apple Pay or not. We want to help you view, analyse and track your debit or credit card spend in detail and budget more effectively. If you are a business banking customer you can view and manage your accounts using Mobile Banking.

With Spendlytics you can:

  • View spend on individual cards

  • Analyse spend over time periods - daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - with helpful insights and comparisons

  • Track / analyse spend by categories such as 'food & drink', 'DIY' etc.

  • Track spend by brand or retailer so you can see where you're spending

Spendlytics will even help you to budget more effectively with no need to write down or remember what you’ve spent. To help you get a clearer picture of where your money is spent, Spendlytics can let you know facts such as:

  • Your spend this year compared to the same period last year

  • Your average monthly spend in supermarkets

  • Your spend on transport so far this year'

Download, log on and analyse
You can download Spendlytics from your app store by searching ‘Spendlytics’. Or, if you use Apple Pay, you’ll find a link in your Passbook.

When you’ve downloaded the app just use your Online or Mobile Banking log on to get in, then choose the cards you want to see your spend on.

Get the Spendlytics app


Frequently asked questions

  • Just take your phone along with your receipt and whatever you want the refund on. Shops will be able to refund any purchase made with Apple Pay under the same conditions as they would a purchase made with a card or cash.

  • You can manage your Apple Pay linked cards within your Apple device.


    On an iPhone your cards and last 10 transactions can be seen in the Wallet app. When you select a card and tap 'i' you can see the card's settings and transaction display.


    For iPad you can view and manage your cards in Apple Pay by going to 'Settings' and choosing 'Wallet and Apple Pay'.

  • Yes, now that the TfL ticket barriers are contactless you can use Apple Pay to pay for your journey but there are a few things to be aware of:


    You need to use the same device to tap in and out of journeys so it's important the battery on your device will last the journey. Using different devices or payment methods will result in being charged the maximum fare.


    To make the payment easier, you can activate Touch ID before you arrive at the ticket barrier. You then have 1 minute to tap the phone against the yellow card reader.


    If you keep a contactless or Oyster card in your phone case, you should remove it before touching your iPhone on a yellow card reader. If you don’t, you could pay for your travel with a card you did not intend to pay with.


    Not all transactions will appear immediately and in some cases may take a few days to be processed.


    For more information on using Apple Pay on Transport for London services, please visit the Transport for London website at You can also set up a TfL online account at to see your full journey and payment history with TfL.

  • No, Apple Pay is for purchases only so it won't work at ATMs.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Apple Pay, Touch ID and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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