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Special Projects

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Special Projects and Initiatives

Every year, Santander Universities run a series of projects and initiatives aimed at addressing some of the key challenges or areas of focus currently identified within the university community. Below are two examples of current projects:

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Fund

For 2018 we have launched a new £1m Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Fund that will support the development of a entrepreneurial culture within universities and their local communities across the UK. Partner universities can bid for up to £100k of funding for projects that aim to:

  • Start, run or scale a business

  • Develop and promote entrepreneurial skills, culture and mind-sets

  • Champion or deliver innovation within businesses of any size

  • Deliver economic, social or employment benefits to the local and national economy

Widening Participation

We've launched a £400k fund that has been distributed throughout our partner network and aims to support the universities with their local widening participation strategies. The fund will focus its support specifically on helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds participate in an international experience either to study, research or work in abroad.