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Scholarships, grants and awards

Maria Valentina Gonzalez Demori receiving the award from Vice Chancellors, Prof Julian Crampton and Director of Santander Universities UK, Luis Juste.

Maria Valentina Gonzalez Demori was awarded a Masters scholarship to study Community Psychology at the University of Brighton. Maria is originally from Venezuela and found out about the programme through the School of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Brighton.


Maria says: "The experience has been amazing. One of the things that I like the most is the group of people in my class is very culturally diverse, as people have different backgrounds and this makes the experience of my Masters far more interesting. The classes and the assignments are also very challenging, but I find this positive.


Eventually I would like to work in a NGO related to education for children and that provides help to vulnerable families. 
And I hope that in a near future I can go back to Venezuela to apply there what I've learnt in the Masters. I would like to create solid structures that provide equal opportunities for citizens and I would like to contribute in the healing of the strong political polarization that exists in my country."


Maria Valentina Gonzalez Demori
University of Brighton

Research Awards

Prof Rachel Elder from the University of Sheffield

Funding provided for Research Awards gives students and staff opportunities to undertake research visits in collaboration with other institutions partnering with Santander Universities.


Dr Rachel Elder from the University of Sheffield has used this funding to look for solutions to a cleaner energy in Mexico through collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.


'My research is in clean energy. I travelled to the University of Chihuahua in Mexico to present my work and discuss research collaborations with Victor Ramos Sanchez and colleagues. We´ve been talking about producing metal nonoparticles to use in catalysts for fuel cells and electrolysis cells, as well as the potential to use solar energy for hydrogen production.


The award has given me the opportunity to develop new collaborations in an exciting field. In Mexico they have a lot of solar energy that can be harnessed for clean fuel production.


Clean energy is vital for the future of the Earth and that’s why we’re currently developing research proposals. In particular, recycling carbon dioxide to form fuel could solve problems with global warming and fossil fuel shortage.'


Dr Rachel Elder
The University of Sheffield


Please note: If you would like to apply for a Santander Universities Scholarship you should contact your university directly.