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What we do for our people

Inclusion and diversity

We believe in equality of opportunity in all areas of employment and business, where selection and promotion is based on the relevant aptitudes and abilities to do the job.

Santander UK is a member of a number of diversity partnership programmes including:

  • Employers' Forum on Age

  • Employers' Forum on Disability

  • Opportunity Now

  • Race for Opportunity

  • Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme. 

Download our Inclusion and Diversity policy

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We are committed to creating a culture that values and champions diversity, and creates equality of opportunity for all. This is a commitment that starts at the very top of our organisation and flows throughout it.

The gender pay gap takes into account all roles at all levels of the organisation, rather than comparing pay received by women and men performing the same roles. We regularly review and analyse our employee pay to ensure men and women are treated equally when performing the same role. We are, therefore, confident that we do not have an equal pay issue at Santander UK.

2017 Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF)

We have a long history of trade union recognition governed by:

  • a partnership agreement with Advance - the independent trade union recognised in the former Abbey and Bradford & Bingley parts of the business

  • recognition agreements with the Communication Workers Union - recognised in the former Alliance & Leicester parts of the business 

Both unions are affiliated to the Trade Union Congress.

Helping to look after our employees' health has mutual benefits to the individual employee and to the business.

All managers and employees have access to guidelines, standards and procedures they need to manage safety effectively through our Health and Safety Management System.

We promote physical and mental wellbeing through:

  • a quarterly health and lifestyle newsletter

  • an Employee Assistance Programme that offers a free, confidential, 24/7 helpline

  • face-to-face counselling

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