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Should you sell your home?
It’s worth asking yourself, before you go down the route of selling your home, why exactly you’re thinking about selling it. People sell for all sorts of reasons, but it just may be that there is a better alternative:


  • If you need more room, could you extend your home? You may be able to borrow money for a loft conversion or some other sort of extension.

  • If, on the other hand, you have too much room, could you rent out a bedroom?

  • If you need to relocate, could you keep your home but rent it out? You’ll need to check that you can do this with your mortgage lender, and there could be a fee for doing so.

  • If your mortgage is too expensive, could you look at a new mortgage deal? Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Should you buy and sell at the same time?
Most people look to buy their new home at the same time as they sell their existing one. Searching for a new home at the same time as trying to sell your existing home can be stressful however, and you could think about doing things in a different order.


You could consider selling first. This might put you in a stronger position when it comes to buying, but you could find that you have to rent for a while.

If you do rent you also need to consider the hassle of moving twice. If you don’t want to rent you could accept an offer for your existing home on the condition that you find another home to move into, but this option could take some negotiation and you may also find that the house prices go up as you wait.

Doing things the opposite way round and buying first could put more pressure on you to accept any offer on selling your home. It also means you need to have enough deposit available for your new home and you would be paying two mortgages.

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