Join the Best Business Current Account provider, and you'll get:


Your day-to-day business banking from £12.50 a month

We offer a fixed fee tariff which includes £1,000 of monthly cash deposits, unlimited Santander ATM cash deposits and all your standard day-to-day business banking.


0.10% gross/AER (variable) on any credit balances


Annual cashback on your first £10,000 of annual credit turnover. The rate of cashback you’ll receive depends on the amount of money you deposit into your account each year (annual credit turnover) and will be at a rate of either 1%, 2% or 3%.

Cashback paid into your business account can be taxable and may be reportable to HM Revenue & Customs. For further information you should contact an independent tax adviser.

If you own a start-up business, take a look at the start-up offers on our Business Current Account and 1|2|3 Business Current Account

If you are, or have applied to become a Payment Service Provider, please go to the Payment Service Provider page to find out more about the services available and how to make contact with a Santander Relationship Director.

Also included


cheque book and Visa debit card


contactless payments with your Visa contactless debit card or with your mobile by linking your Santander debit card to your Apple, Android or Samsung device


depositing and issuing cheques




Direct Debits, standing orders, bill payments


Bacs credits

debit card payments

Charges apply to non-standard transactions such as change-giving, CHAPS payments and foreign currency transactions. 

A daily limit applies to cash machine withdrawals and a transaction limit applies to faster payments. Please see the Key Facts Document for full details.


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Managing your account

You choose how you bank with us:


Online Banking

Secure, 24/7 banking. Make payments, view statements and much more


Mobile Banking

Bank on the go with our Mobile Business Banking app

Branch banking

Pay in, withdraw cash, deposit cheques and more over the counter at Santander branches


Free text and email alerts

Set up free alerts to let you know when your balance goes above or below specified amounts and get weekly balance alerts


Telephone Banking

Call us on 0800 731 6666 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturdays

Post Office ®

Pay in, withdraw cash, deposit cheques and more at participating Post Office branches nationwide


Fixed fee tariff

We offer a fixed fee tariff with the 1|2|3 Business Current Account for all your day-to-day banking:

£12.50 monthly fee

  • A monthly cash deposit limit of £1,000 then 70p for every £100 thereafter
  • Unlimited Santander ATM cash deposits

Business overdrafts (there are fees associated with you overdraft)
As part of your application, you can apply for a business overdraft from £500 to £25,000 (subject to acceptance). There is an Arranged Overdraft annual fee of 1% of the agreed overdraft (minimum fee £50). The Arranged Overdraft interest rate and Representative rate is 5.75% EAR (variable) (Bank of England base rate plus 5%) and the Unarranged Overdraft interest rate is 25.75% EAR (variable) (Bank of England base rate plus 25%). The unpaid item fee is £15.

How to apply

You can apply for a 1|2|3 Business Current Account if:

  • you’re aged 18 or over
  • you have a UK registered business
  • your business has up to 2 directors, owners (shareholders) or partners
  • you’re a sole trader, or your business is a partnership, limited liability partnership, private limited company, or a trust.

You can only have one 1|2|3 Business Current Account (including Start-up and Switcher offers) per business at any one time.

Please read the important information below before applying

Visit our site
Visit our site

Go to the Santander website

Call us
Call us

0800 068 7010

Your branch
Your branch

See if there's a Business Relationship Manager to help you.

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Important information

A 1I2I3 Business World customer is someone who holds a 1|2|3 Business Current Account (including Start-up and Switcher offers). All customers must meet the eligibility for the 1|2|3 Business Current Account (including Start-up and Switcher offers) and 1|2|3 Business World offer.

Subject to availability and may be withdrawn without notice at any time.

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and shows what the interest rate would be if we paid interest and added it to your account each year. The gross rate is the interest rate that we pay where no income tax has been deducted. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. Rates may change. EAR stands for Effective Annual Rate and represents the yearly cost of an overdraft, which takes account of how often we charge interest to the account, and does not include any other fees or charges. Overdrafts depend on your circumstances and you must repay any overdraft when we ask in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Information is correct as of 4 October 2018.