Accepting card payments

Start accepting card payments

Cards and Payments

Our aim is to help UK businesses prosper which is why we have teamed up with two specialist companies, Elavon and iZettle, to provide a range of card acceptance terminals and services, which could be suitable for most of our small to medium sized business customers.

Payments using your mobile phone

iZettle is an innovative card acceptance business that provide business customers with a straight forward solution for taking card payments without the need for a long term contract.

If you have Wi-Fi access or at least 3G mobile coverage, iZettle's card reader works with your mobile device to process card payments on the go.

Find out more 

Elavon: visit the Elavon site
iZettle: visit the iZettle site

Corporate & Commercial

For medium to large sized businesses that would like a relationship managed service or have comprehensive banking, international or lending needs.