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Santander Universities Annual Entrepreneurship Awards

Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards

Winner of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2013 - Postgraduate category

The entrepreneurship awards were launched in 2011 with the aim to encourage entrepreneurship within the higher education sector. Each year all Santander Universities partner universities are invited to submit business proposals for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate categories.


Once proposals have been received from all participating universities they are collated and short listed by representatives from the Business Banking and Corporate Banking Divisions within Santander UK. The short listed proposals are then sent to a group of judges from within the higher education sector to be short listed from 10 submissions to 5. The final 5 from each category are invited to present their business ideas to the panel of judges who select the top three proposals from each category to be awarded with funding for their business.


Please note: Entry for the awards will be advertised at Santander Universities’ participating partners and submissions must be made directly to your university. Entry for the 2014 awards has now closed.

  • All applicants must be students at the university or alumni who have graduated within the last two years. Applicants can be individuals or groups.

  • An applicant's level of study determines their application category. If the applicant has only completed or is currently completing an undergraduate degree they will need to submit their plan in the undergraduate category. If the student has completed any further studies (Masters, Postgraduate etc) then their application will fall into the post-graduate category.

  • Professors/members of staff must not have any share in the business or business idea (this includes a financial share, intellectual property or formal advisory role).

  • Submissions must be made directly to the university by the closing date set by them. We will not accept submissions directly.

  • Business plans must be no more than five A4 double sided pages plus a maximum of two appendices totalling 5 pages.

  • Business plan text must be no smaller than Arial font 10.

  • Business plans should be secured by paperclip only and should not be bound.

  • Applicants should submit one digital copy and one hard copy of the business plan by the specified date.

  • Applicants must also complete and submit a copy of the contact details cover sheet provided by the university alongside their business plan.

It will be the universities' responsibility to coordinate the initial stage of the submission process. The Vice Chancellors will then be asked to nominate one business plan for the Undergraduate and one for the Postgraduate categories which will then be submitted to Santander Universities. Once we have received all submissions from each category the business plans will be reviewed by a select panel of judges from our Business and Corporate Banking Divisions. These judges will then supply a screening of the top 10 business plans in each category recommended for review. Initial business plans must be submitted via the university to be considered for the awards and any business plans received directly by Santander Universities will not be included.

The 10 shortlisted entrepreneurial projects competed for cash prizes ranging from £1,000 for third prize in the Undergraduate category to £20,000 for first prize in the Postgraduate category. The six winning entries were selected by a panel of judges consisting of representatives from several UK universities and business schools and Santander.

The undergraduate winners were:

  • First prize: Loughborough University (Version 22 - Producers of innovative household products that solve everyday problems in ways that make people smile)

  • Joint Second prize: Kings College London (Attollo Lingerie)

  • Joint Second prize: University of Leeds (JumpIn)

The postgraduate winners were:

  • First prize: University College London (Bio-Bean Limited - an award-winning green energy company which collects waste coffee grounds and recycles them into high-value advanced bio fuels)

  • Second prize: University of Edinburgh (Medicen Devise)

  • Third prize: University of Cambridge (Ocean Array Systems)

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