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Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting society

Taking responsibility

We recognise that our communities, customers, employees, suppliers and the environment are all fundamental in our business and it is our priority to make sure we act responsibly and make a positive contribution to society.

We're committed to helping our 15 million active customers in the UK prosper through simple, personal and fair banking services.

What we do for customers


Being the best bank for our customers goes hand-in-hand with being the best place to work for our 25,000 employees. Through a number of programmes we are developing a workplace that provides excellent opportunities for career progression, a culture that recognises individual needs and encourages accountability and teamwork.

What we do for employees


Making a positive impact in our local communities is a priority for us so we focus on education, employment and enterprise. In 2012 over 1,900 employees volunteered a total of 17,326 hours to support good causes and in total we contributed £19.5m to society.

Learn more about community investment

We work hard to reduce our waste and energy consumption, use smarter travel options so there's less impact on the environment and provide green finance through support for renewable energy developments including solar, hydro and on-shore wind projects.

More on our environmental projects


Running our business involves using over 1,700 suppliers and intra-group companies. We have procedures in place to make sure all suppliers get a fair deal when working with us and are responsible in their practices.

Supplier policies and relationships

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