123 Mini Current Account

Get more for your money

This account helps with your child's financial journey towards adult life. The features of the account are designed to provide a safe environment to learn money management and take the first steps towards financial responsibility.

  • Competitive interest rate - earn up to 3.00% AER / gross (variable)
  • Visa debit card or cash card - use your Visa debit card for shopping and easy access to your cash or simply choose a cash card
  • Easy access - bank online, throu

Account features


Earn interest on your current account balance:

  • 1% AER/gross (variable) on balances from £100

  • 2% AER/1.98% gross (variable) on balances from £200

  • 3% AER/2.96% gross (variable) on balances from £300 and up to a maximum of £2,000


This means that once you have £100 in your account you will start to earn interest and this is earned on the first £2,000 that is in your account.


You’ll also benefit from


  • The security of no overdraft, fees or charges

  • The choice of a Visa debit card or a cash card

  • Free text alerts to help you keep track of money going in and out of your account


It’s really easy to manage your account with our mobile banking apps your account is always within close reach.


To apply online you’ll need to be:

  • Aged between 11 to 17 years old; and

  • Live permanently in the UK.


You should also read and understand the Important information. If you have any questions please speak to a parent or guardian, or speak to a member of staff.


Only one account per child may be held, which may be either the 123 Mini Account (in Trust) or the 123 Mini Current Account (but not one of each).


Apply online now

More ways to apply


You can apply at your local branch. You can find your nearest branch using our branch finder. Remember, you'll need to bring some proof of your name and address. See a list of acceptable identification.


What happens after you apply?

  • We’ll process your application within 5 working days of receiving it.

  • We’ll then send you a letter containing a copy of your application (so you can check the details and sign it) and ask you for some ID.

  • We’ll open your new account within 5 working days of receiving your ID and signed application form.

  • When we’ve opened your account, we’ll send you your new card and pin, to the address you provided (for added security they’ll arrive separately).


* AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and shows what the interest rate would be if we paid
interest and added it to your account each yearThe gross rate is the interest rate we pay before income tax is taken off.p.a.stands for per annum. The net rate is the interest rate we pay after deduction of income tax at the rate specified by law(currently 20%).Rates may change and we pay interest each month.


Rates correct as at 10 March 2014.