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Santander savings accounts fees

We aim to keep our charges to a minimum and we don?t like to surprise you with unexpected costs. However, some things that you may ask us to do will incur a charge. The table below shows you how much you?ll have to pay for some of the more frequent tasks. Fees for less frequently used services can be provided on request.

No charges are payable on children?s accounts or Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).

These fees are effective from 1 May 2010 and are applicable to Santander savings account holders. If we vary these fees we will inform you through notices in our branches.



Bankers Draft




Replace lost passbook




Account transaction statement1


£5 per copy, £10 per account for multiple copies (free if it is only for the last 12 months)


Detailed account interest calculations1



All status enquiries and a banker reference



Copy of paid cheque


£4 a cheque


CHAPS & International Payments




Withdrawal handling charge for cash machines displaying the Cirrus logo (if not part of Santander  or LINK cash machine networks).


1.5% of the value (minimum of £1.99)


Transactions (cash withdrawals) in a currency other than sterling.


2.75% of value


Presentation of Foreign cheque


£10 for each cheque (the paying bank may also charge you)


Duplicate tax certificate




The following limits apply for making withdrawals at branch counters and cash machines


Minimum amount for cash withdrawals at branch counter


More than £305


Minimum amount for cheque withdrawals at branch counter


More than £1,0005


Maximum daily limit for cash withdrawals

at branch counter




Maximum daily limit for cash withdrawals
from a cash machine



The following details the charges that are applicable to withdrawals over the branch counter. Please note all withdrawals from our branch ATMs are free

Instant Access Savings Account

Two free branch withdrawals per calendar month. Further withdrawals during that month will be charged at £2 per withdrawal.

1 These services are dealt with by Head Office rather than your local branch, so please allow ten working days from receipt of written request and payment.
2 A general worked example showing how savings account interest is calculated is free.
3 The Account Holder, a Third Party or another bank may request confirmation in writing on the status of your account (what account is held, when the account was opened, what the current balance is). Please note written consent is required by the account holder for this request to be processed.
4 Free for certificates issued for tax years 2005/6 onwards. A £5 fee will apply for any tax certificates issued for tax years 2004/5 and prior.
5 Subject to our exception policy which is available upon request. Please see your Specific Conditions for information on any other limits that may apply to your account.
6 The most you can withdraw in cash each day at the counter is £500, but you may be able to withdraw more than this if you make arrangements with your branch and can show us acceptable ID.