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Personal Banking with Santander

It's the perfect time to be joining us ? because Santander Online Banking is now better than ever. Log on, and you?ll find a wealth of tools aimed at making your life easier. Importantly, it?s also extremely secure.

Why have I been migrated?

What's new?

Hints & Tips

Hints and tips for navigating your way around our new Online Banking Service

We know our new Online Banking service looks different to what you're used to. Don't worry, though - you can do everything you could before. And more.

Here are some tips. But if you do get stuck, simply call our Technical Helpdesk on 0845 600 4388* (7am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-9pm Sunday)

> What can I do?

> How do I change the order my accounts are displayed in?

> How do make sure I've logged off?

Our demos go into even more detail.

What can I do?

Online Banking is split into eight sections (tabs) which you'll find across the top of the website. Click on a tab, and the left hand menu will change, so you can request different tasks. Here?s a guide to what tasks are where.

My Accounts & Transactions

My Accounts
View transactions
Manage your overdraft
View charges
Access e-Documents

Payments & Transfers

Pay or view existing payees
Set up a new payment
Transfer between your accounts
Pull money in from an external account
View pending payments and transfers

Standing Orders

View standing orders
Set up a new standing order

Direct Debits

View Direct Debits

Account Services

View your Santander-branded credit card summary
View recent transactions
View card details
View additional cards
Balance transfer
Set up/amend Direct Debit
In 'Other services' you can

Order duplicate statements
Order a replacement card
Activate a new card
Request a new PIN
Turn off paper statements
Set up and amend mobile and email alerts via Account alerts
View e-Documents
Request a new chequebook through 'Account requests'
Order replacement debit cards
Activate or order a new PIN
Request a tax certificate

My Details & Settings

Change personal details like your address or tax status.
Change your security settings like your image and phrase combination, or your Passcode and Registration number.  
Change your OTP service mobile number.

Quick Transfer


Quick Transfer is in the same place as it was in the Alliance & Leicester Internet Banking site. 


How do I change the order that my accounts appear in?

Click on the 'My accounts' tab. Next to each of the main headings, such as 'Banking & Savings' or 'Borrowings', you'll see the link 'Add, remove or rename an account'. Simply click on it and follow the instructions.


How do I make sure I've logged off?

The 'Log off' button is in the top right-hand corner. Click on it, and you'll go through to a summary screen which allows you to see the session's transactions/activities. If you're happy that all your activities are listed correctly, click the 'Yes' button.

Make sure you go through the whole process to protect your information.  

If you're not happy that the activities are listed correctly, please contact us.  Either by secure message or by calling our help desk on 0845 600 4388* (7am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-9pm Sunday)


Log in today to make the most of your enhanced Online Banking service 

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