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Our approach to security

What makes our Online Banking site secure?

We've offered online banking for decades. And we've seen what works. Not just in terms of a user-friendly site. Our service actively protects both your identity and your finances.

Images and phrases One Time Passcode (OTP) Fraud monitoring
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Images and phrases
When you bank online, it's important that we recognise each other. That is where our unique secret image and phrase combination comes in. This extra security level assures you that you are logging into a genuine Santander website. It also enables us to identify the desktop computer(s) you normally use and your log on details.

So, even if a would-be fraudster gets hold of your Personal ID (PID), we can stop them logging into your account. Don't worry though - this doesn't mean you can't log on with a desktop computer you don't normally use. We simply ask additional security questions.

Remember; don't ever enter your online passcode/password and registration/security number if the image and phrase is not displayed.


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One Time Passcode (OTP)
This system sends a unique, one-off passcode to your mobile phone. It is only needed when we want you to verify that a payment to a new payee or a request to amend some important details (like your address), is genuine.

The great thing about OTP is that you only need to register a mobile phone number with us to use it - and you won't have to remember any new passwords or carry a separate kit, such as a card reader.

Therefore, it is important that you keep us updated when your change your mobile number so you are able to receive your OTPs.

Remember, always ensure the details quoted within the OTP message correspond with your original request. If you EVER receive an OTP message which you are not expecting, notify us immediately as it may be a sign of attempted fraud on your account.

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Fraud monitoring
We are here to give you peace of mind with your finances. That includes when you are spending your money.

We monitor your account and raise the alarm if we spot any suspicious transactions. Suspicious behaviour can include logging onto Online Banking from a different device or IP address, or making high value transactions which are not chip and PIN.

If we see any suspicious account activity our anti-fraud automated call service will call you asking you to confirm the transactions. If you don't recognise the transaction(s), you will be put straight through to one of our advisors.

If we are unable to contact you, we will leave a message, or send you a text message to let you know we are trying to contact you, and to ask you to contact us as soon as you can.

It really does help to stop fraud in its tracks. That is why we're not the only bank that uses this service. Plus, the automated system is much quicker than ones which use customer service agents.

Please note, to protect your money, some suspicious transactions may be declined or referred until we can contact you.

The system will never ask you to reveal your passcodes, card expiry date or card security number.

Some scams involve fraudsters convincing you to make transactions yourself.  These transactions are harder for us to spot as suspicious as they often involve you using your PIN, verifying your security details, or using your normal device.  If you have any suspicions over the legitimacy of a request please call us immediately on 08459 724 724 before you make any payments.  For more information on some common scams used by fraudsters click here.

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