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Guaranteed Over 50 Plan

Provided by AXA Wealth Ltd, trading as Sun Life Direct

At Santander, we're always looking at ways to help you plan for the future. That's why we bring to you a simple and affordable over 50 life insurance plan designed to help put your mind at rest and let you get on with life. 


The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan, provided by AXA Wealth Ltd, trading as Sun Life Direct, makes it simple to leave a cash sum for your loved ones when you die. This could help towards funeral expenses or be left as a gift for children or grandchildren. You can choose a premium between £6 and £74 a month. Sun Life Direct is the UK's leading life insurance provider for plans of this type* and there are more than 850,000** Guaranteed Over 50 Plan policyholders. Provided you’re aged 50-80 you’re guaranteed to be accepted without any medical questions.


Before getting a quote, you should read all the information about the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan, especially the Terms and Conditions including the Policy Summary and key facts about our insurance services. You can apply online or call Sun Life Direct on 0800 904 7602.

Why choose the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan?

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical - as long as you're aged 50-80 you're guaranteed to be accepted - no health questions asked.
  • Fixed cash sum - providing you keep paying your monthly premiums when due, a fixed cash sum is guaranteed on your death after you've had the Plan for two years.  If you die in the first two years, all the premiums paid will be returned, plus half as much again. Please bear in mind that as the cash sum is fixed, inflation will reduce its value over time.
  • Affordable monthly premiums - from £6 a month, that's the equivalent of just 20p a day. You can choose any premium from £6 to £74 a month, as long as the fixed cash sum is no more than £25,000.
  • Peace of mind - your premiums will never go up, and your cover will never go down. You just need to make sure you choose a premium you feel comfortable with, as this Plan has no cash-in value at any time so if you stop paying your premiums when due your cover will end and you won't get anything back.
  • No premiums to pay after age 90 - unlike some plans, providing you have kept up your premium payments, you have the peace of mind knowing that your cover will continue after your 90th birthday and you won’t have to pay any more. Please be aware that depending on how long you live you could pay more in premiums than the cash sum paid out.
  • Accidental Death Benefit - applies to the Plan during the first two years, and means that if you die within the first two years of taking out the Plan, solely as a result of (and within 90 days of) accidental bodily injury you suffer because of a sudden or unexpected event, Sun Life Direct will pay out the full fixed cash sum instead of one and a half times the premiums paid.


  • First month's premium free - you won't have to pay a premium in the first month, whichever premium you choose.
  • Welcome gift - you'll get a welcome gift† when you take out a Plan. You can choose from a selection of 5 gifts as a special thank you for taking out a Plan.

*Most popular whole of life guaranteed acceptance plan bought directly. ABI statistics, 12 months up to 30th September 2013.

**853,089 as at 5th September 2013

†Gifts are subject to availability and in the event of your chosen gift not being available, an alternative will be offered.

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