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Debit Card

Taking control of your money

You will find your Santander Visa Debit card is a convenient way to pay for your everyday items such as petrol, shopping, eating out and even paying your household bills online.

Unlike cash, you get a record of everything you?ve bought in a handy monthly statement. It?s a great way of keeping track of the small purchases you make that can add up over a month. Whether that be paying for parking, a cup of coffee or for your lunch.

And unlike a credit card, all your purchases are debited directly from your account so when you check your balance you will know exactly what money you have available.

Shop online with Santander Secure

From car insurance to booking a holiday ? you?re likely to find the most competitive deals online. Pay with your Santander Visa Debit card to benefit from these deals.

Get added protection when shopping online with Santander Secure ? this service gives you added password protection when you are shopping online using a debit card. Go to, search for ?Santander Secure? and follow the instructions to register now.

Never queue at the cash machine again

If you do need cash, there?s no extra charge for getting cashback when you make a purchase using your card. The amount will be debited directly from your account and will be shown on your monthly statement.

Using your card abroad

You can use your Santander Visa Debit card wherever you see the VISA sign, and feel secure knowing that it?s a safer option than carrying large amounts of cash or traveller?s cheques. Plus you?ll get a competitive exchange rate when you use your card.

Remember, if you?re given the option of paying in either local currency or sterling it?s usually best to choose local, unless you are certain that the exchange rate is favourable.

Using your card with confidence

Our fraud detection systems highlight unusual spending patterns, so we can check transactions on your account that may look suspicious. We aim to call you if unusual transactions appear on your account. Calls may use computer generated speech.

If you are a victim of fraud we?ll work to reimburse any losses, provided you let us know straightaway and you?ve taken reasonable precautions with your card.

Lost and stolen cards

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, you should call Santander as soon as possible.

08459 724 724
or +44 1908 237963 if you are outside the United Kingdom.

This is our 24-hour emergency lost-card number. If your card has been stolen you should also contact the police as soon as possible.


  • We won?t charge you for using your debit card to make purchases in the UK.
  • We won?t charge you when you use your debit card to withdraw cash at any Santander or Alliance & Leicester cash machine in the UK. But if you take out cash over the counter at another UK bank, or at a non-LINK cash machine, you may be charged.
  • When you withdraw cash abroad (either in a bank or at a cash machine), we charge you a cash withdrawal fee of 1.5% subject to a minimum fee of 1.99. The same charges apply when you use your debit card to buy foreign currency or traveller?s cheques at another bank, the Post Office, bureau de change and other outlets displaying the Visa sign.
  • When you use your debit card abroad or online in a currency other than sterling, we convert the amount to sterling using the exchange rate set by Visa on the date the money is taken from your account. We include a currency conversion fee of 2.75%, and charge an additional 1.25 for purchases.

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